Best 3 Sump Pump Alarms with reviews

A sump pump alarm is an important device that is triggered when the sump pump stops its function or working also triggered when the water reaches a certain level. In general sump pump alarm also works like a smoke alarm because it will raise loud and startling sound. The main purpose or aim of the sump pump alarm is to warn you of an impending flood.  With the help of sump pump, you will take further actions to control the inconvenience. Now you have different advanced options that also come with a new range of features. A sump pump alarm is really beneficial to buildings located very close to any rivers or land areas where water often accumulates. Apart from that, the sump pump also makes houses or any building more susceptible to flooding.



  1.  Pump alarm Cellular Water Alarm:  sump pump alarm

If your properties have any expensive or complex problems like power outages, basement floods or any sub-freezing temperature you must prefer Cellular Water Alarm because it is the right choice that also works to prevent costly property damage. Most importantly, you will get peace of mind with text message alerts for problems including power failure, water detection, low temperatures etc.

Cellular Water Alarm is really beneficial for water damage in your business or home due to overflowing drains, sump pits etc also very useful in different conditions. Cellular Water Alarm is one of the powerful choices to get peace of mind because it will send immediate alters regarding water drainage and flood.


  • Sends text message alerts directly to your phone
  • Plays important role in solving life’s complex problems related to sump pump
  • Provides simple solution for sump pump problems
  • Protection from flood and water damage
  • Allows you to save thousands in repairs
  • Effective water monitoring
  • Temp Monitoring- 45° F low-temperature alarm
  • Quick detection about floods
  • Reliable connection to get real-time alerts
  • Standard SMS communication that works with any type of mobile phone
  • 100% Cellular so highly useful at any point of time
  • Easier to use than phone lines
  • Work with battery backup system
  • Gives another level of protection against flood and water damage
  • Sounds loud alarm when flooding or water is detected


  • System Status Lights
  • Water detection,
  • Float switch,
  • Cellular Radio
  • Dual Inputs
  • Low temp sensor (optional sensor),
  • Dry contact input


  • Cost effective
  • Simple control
  • Sends alters immediately
  • Easy installation and maintenance


  • Expensive than other models


  1.  Water, Power Alarm HS-700 with voice message  sump pump power alarm

The HomeSitter is one of the lowest costs and multi-functional home monitoring system that allows you to get alter messages based on water drainage and flood. Even it is the cheapest water sump available on the market. Most importantly, the HomeSitter will sound an audible alarm as well as have the ability to call up to three telephone numbers that allow you to get great protection during the flood.

Even it protects your home from damages caused by temperature extremes, power failure, and water leaks. Overall, it is the simplest device that only needs simple installation. Alarm set-up takes few minutes so you no need to spend your money for installation and monitoring. You only need to have a phone line as well as a power outlet.


  • It has advanced water sensor that monitors leaky pipes, overflowing sump pumps, basement floods, burst washing machine hoses etc
  • Low or High-temperature alarm call-out
  • Power outage alarm
  • Calls three telephone numbers
  • Sounds an audible alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • In general, it is the perfect option for protecting any home area
  • Wireless high water alarm comes
  • You will receive notification about the power outage


  • 9 watts
  • Power source: corded-electric
  • Special features: it senses water as well as temperature


  • Cost effective
  • Sends message regarding each failure
  • Less maintenance
  • No professional installation

It is really cost effective alarm that also comes with some special features. This alarm has the ability to alert you during an emergency so you can call for backup help. It is a handy solution for high water table-related problems and flooding in your area. This alarm also run by regular power and it only requires 2-AA backup batteries.

  1.  In/Outdoor High Water Alarm – Sump / Pond 
    septic pump alarm

 Currently, almost every home is constructed with best sump pump system because it is really helpful during flooding and water leakage. It is the important device that brings out rain water from the underground.  If you install a sump pump in your home, it is also essential to opt for sump pump alarms that allow you to stay protected. If you need to get great protection from water damage or flooding you must prefer In/Outdoor High Water Alarm which is a battery powered alarm that can be mounted anywhere. This alarm helps you to get alerts about flooring and water leakage.


  • By using this sump pump alarm system, you will get alerts.
  • At the same time, you can easily monitor the water level
  • LED indicator lights, it is also visible from hundreds of feet away
  • The flashing red light that also indicates high level of water
  • The installation of alarm is simple
  • Produces alerts about malfunctioning of the pump, you will get alerts visually and audibly
  • Triggers the alarm when flooding or water level exceeds the respective limit
  • Produces alerts when the pump fails to work
  • You need to set float


  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Power source: Corded-Electric
  • Sound level: 90 dB
  • Style: 10 Ft Float + Power On
  • Four rear mounting holes
  • Comes with wall anchors
  • Flashing red light during high level of alarm conditions


  • Affordability
  • Effective operation and Simple control
  • Produces sound  immediately
  • Less maintenance

It is the recommended choice for the people to get alerts about flood and water leakage; even it sends alerts during a power failure.


Sump pumps are important to drain out the excess water; now most sump pumps come with an alarm system. Most importantly, Sump Pump Alarm is a simple device but useful during the complicated situation. With the alarm system, you will get a clear notification about the water leakages, as well as flooding. At the same time, sump pump alarm starts to produce sound when your sump pump system stops its functionality or work. If you interested protect your sump home or business from flooding you must find a right quality sump pump with alarm. It is the effective choice that allows you to stay protected.

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