Top 3 sump pump brands with reviews


Zoeller continues to offer the high-quality products and services since 1939 based on the modern technology with the value and serves society with protecting the environment. Zoeller stays consistent in complete integrity and value with making the products built in style and technology. More than 50 different Zoeller products are sold across the United States, Mexico, and Canada as well as around the world. Zoeller brings the answer for all pumping needs of customers. Whether you are looking for the residential or commercial water issues, Zoeller® Pumps are ready to deliver best solutions with the complete commitment. With years of durability and service, Zoeller has the most knowledgeable and responsive product support team who would solve all your queries.zoeller m98 pump reviews

Zoeller Company was started in 1939 as the family owned operation to make various products based on column sump pump. Zoeller Company is oldest U.S. pump manufacturer and independently owned company from the humble beginnings. Zoeller continues to maintain highest quality standards with setting a benchmark for other pump manufacturers. All the Zoeller pumps have been time tested with quality driven efficiently. These submersible pumps are 100% factory tested and highly dependability from instant plug-in options enabled. Employees of Zoeller Company takes pride in their work with building the product, serving the customer, and job. The success of Zoeller is related to the quality of the work.

  • Proven keys to success
  • Best since 1939
  • 100% factory tested Zoeller pumps
  • Zoeller residential and commercial pumps
  • Healthy work environment
  • Over 50 different products
  • Highest quality standards
  • Multi-unit applications
  • Economy and durability
  • Customer Peace Of Mind


Zoeller pumps are designed and manufactured with innovative ideas in the highest standard. Honesty and integrity are the main goals of the employees.

Zoeller products offer world class quality with extensive service that meets customer’s expectations

Quality is always important in Zoeller and delivers the successful decisions. The true measure of integrity is enabled in the product design and manufacture.

 Watch Dog: 

Glentronics, Inc. has the main goal of providing the unique and innovative product for the customer.  Through dedication and innovation, the company has led to the designing of AC Sump Pumps, Battery Backup Sump Pumps, and Combination Pumps. Glentronics stays true and excels 110% every day and the main mission is to create the proprietary products with providing the users with the awesome method for accomplishing the task. Alan Schulman was the owner of Chicago area battery distributorship prior to inventing of Basement Watchdog.the basement watchdog

Alan Schulman sold all the types of batteries that include marine and automotive models. In fact, most of the marine batteries used to power the backup sump pumps. A few customers who purchased the marine batteries returned them years later with the disappointed of the product when the basement is flooded. Alan Schulman analyzed the problems and saw the need for advanced and powerful battery backup system to alert homeowner when there is any problem or maintenance.

Basement Watchdog Big Dog (AC/DC) was the system resulted in the research by Alan Schulman. Basement Watchdog Big Dog has the capacity to monitor the battery power conditions and pumping and sound an alarm. It monitors many numbers of things especially discharge battery, low battery fluid, pump failure and much more.

In 1989, the first system was sold after three years in development to a local hardware store. Basement Watchdog saved their basement and the product attained more fame and name for its quality of powerful work.

  • Basement Watchdog systems found in all stores across the US
  • Fame of Basement Watchdog Big Dog (AC/DC)
  • Strong improvement
  • Energy efficient sump pumps
  • Leading industry in Green Technology
  • Shares excitement and pride in every product


  • Basement Watchdog has User-friendly controller sounds illuminating the warning light
  • Watchdog sump pump monitors battery and pump conditions
  • Ease of installation
  • Dual float switch – double the protection


Wayne is one of the leading manufacturers of sump pumps committed to bringing exclusive solutions. Even this brand also has a good reputation for producing excellent quality back up sump pumps at pleasing rates. Most importantly, they use advanced technology to ensure the complete performance and functionality of the sump pumps. Now, most people prefer to buy this brand for water removal applications. In general, Wayne pump is really effective as well as a better option than many of the primary sump pumps options available on the market today. Apart from that, this company also provides sump pump with an external battery that also comes with LED indicators with the help of this one can get the quick reference and idea about the battery charge level. wayne backup sump pump

In the 1940s, WAYNE started to produce water pump and brings new options in this industry. Even this company also focuses on the customer’s needs and expectation so. With almost 90 years in the industry WAYNE only offer quality sump pumps even the company continue to engineer market leading technologies as well as innovation, apart from that offer impeccable customer service and friendly support. Obviously, the main aim of this company is to provide homeowners with most reliable, durable as well as best solutions. Wayne committed to providing best quality products and every product tested to one million cycles. Normally, WAYNE aims to offers a full line of sump, lawn, pool, sewage, utility pumps.

User reviews and ratings:

  • Flexible float as well as switch assembly
  • Charging case possesses perfect LED indicator, with this indicator one can easily understand start of motor through sound
  • Wayne sump pumps come with powerful motor that allows user to experience excellent pumping rate
  • Decent discharge size supports for risk-free access
  • Effective thermoplastic build

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